Are the SRNE Short Sellers Back Pedelling?

Hello. Anyone there? Can anyone hear me? Hmmm. That's interesting. Where'd they all go? I remember the days Hindenburg Research and J Capital Research were the loudest shorts in the room. In fact, they were so bold that they put out perfectly timed hit piece articles any time the stock would catch momentum.

Well then, what's the difference now? Are they admitting to being wrong and the articles were meant to suppress share price and aid in their short positions? I'm curious to know the 411.

Here's my theory. Sorrento received up to $34m in DARPA funding through one of it's subsidiaries? Oh wait, that's a fact. Maybe the Mayo Clinic will grant exclusive rights to it's propietary ADNIC platform to Sorrento? Oh darn, that occurred already too. Aha, I got it. The shorts surely ran out of fingers and toes while counting all the recent acquisitions and partnerships Sorrento is a part of. Yeah, that's it!

Hell, if I was short Sorrento I'd be back Pedelling too. They'd better be as good as Deion Sanders was during his NFL career. Short interest has gone from a high of around 33% late 2020 to just under 24% as of today. Correction, shorts are not back Pedelling, they are Michael Jackson moon walking!

These next few months will be interesting to say the least. As more of the SRNE pipeline progresses and strategic partnerships are nutured. The SRNE bulls are surely in for a good time.

My message to the shorts. Keep your head on a swivel and try not to bust your ass on the way out. Love doesn't live here for a short seller.

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