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Sorrento Therapeutics...What's Next?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

November 27, 2020 News Recap

It has been an eventful few months as it pertains to how Sorrento Therapeutics will strategically move from clinical stage research to market. Friday, November 27th Sorrento received news that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) along with JPEO(Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense) will be funding an STI-2020 and STI-2099 gene encoded trials through phase 2, with additional funding after success for scaling the manufacturing and distribution likely. When DARPA awards grants, they fund it in stages, so I look forward to a successful phase 2 of this trial, and more funding upon successful completion. This news was validation to investors of Sorrento as short sellers, like hindengburg were calling Dr. Ji a fraud and the company a scam! So much for all that short seller noise, the elite research agencies DARPA&JPEO are now involved, so take that Short and Distort noise somewhere else. Sorrento Therapeutics is on to something huge here, and we have elite government agencies backing us!

"The DARPA/JPEO contract supports the accelerated development of a Gene MAbs neutralizing antibody that can be delivered by a simple intramuscular injection, enabling the recipient to produce the protective antibody, potentially within days of the injection. Such an approach would permit the rapid translation of fully characterized potent neutralizing antibodies into clinical use, which Sorrento believes will be important for responding to potential mutations of SARS-CoV-2 that may emerge. It would also enable broader deployment of the Gene MAb approach as a prophylactic solution, as it can be conveniently administered into the muscle like an annual flu vaccine. If successful, it could provide an alternative method of protecting populations where vaccines do not work as well, such as the elderly or immunocompromised."

"Dr. Henry Ji, CEO of Sorrento, commented, “We are excited that DARPA and JPEO have recognized our Gene MAbs platform as a potential rapid countermeasure for COVID-19 and the potential value for other applications to combat future viral diseases of pandemic potential. We acquired SmartPharm with the vision of combining the power of our antibody and biologic therapies for cancer and infectious diseases with next-generation gene-encoded technologies. We look forward to working with our Department of Defense partners to potentially add a novel approach to the arsenal of solutions for combating this devastating disease.”

Dr Ji dropped us a Clue in the sequence he dropped the DARPA/JPEO Contract news

Dr. Ji does likes to leave a trail of clues before the actual PR hits the wire. As a serious investor in this company since the 3 dollar range, I have been able to pick up on Dr Ji's tells and when he is giving us a hint. This time around was rather obvious for me, but you have to be following the current events of the company to catch it. Let me explain. We have received DARPA&JPEO funding for STI-2020 and STI-2099 gene encoded MaBs through phase 2. You might be saying at this point, duh Boom, it was in the press release! But give me a second, follow me here. We recently applied for an IND (Initial New Drug) that was announced on November 9th 2020, and the FDA has not officially approved it yet. Why would DARPA&JPEO award Sorrento with funding for an antibody that doesn't even have an IND to proceed with clinical trials? I'll tell you why, because they already know that the FDA is going to approve STI-2020 and STI-2099 IND's. Thanks Dr. Ji, you're the man! Now we as investors or traders alike know that a PR is incoming for that. This approval is close, and I did some quick research on how long it took from when we announced we had applied for STI-1499 and when the FDA approved it. It was a few days under a month. That time frame hits the week starting November 30th or the next. If you would like to double check my research just look at the press releases of STI-1499 of when they applied for IND and when they received it. The link for this exercise is below.

STI 2020 gene encoded Monoclonal Antibodies

During the R&D conference call, Sorrento was very positive on using STI-2020 and applying SmartPharm technology to encode it with genes. They are calling it COVI-GenMab. In fact Dr. Ji stated that they were pre clinical then, and the animal studies were looking positive. This 34 million dollar grant from DARPA has assured me the evidence is solid and they like what they see. As an Investor/trader how do we interpret that? It is clear to me that that we will have a new IND about to be submitted for the this accelerated trial. What is the significance of of Gene encoded mabs? STI-2020-encoded Gene MAb products can potentially be stored at refrigerator temperatures, avoiding some of the cold chain management challenges associated with the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines currently in development. I highly suggest you get educated on this platform as it is potentially the future protection of our military from bio-terrorism and our country from future pandemics. Below are some suggested links to read on the technology.

DARPA Youtube Talks

December Potential Press Releases/Catalyst

-STI-2020 FDA IND approval

-STI-2099 FDA IND approval

-COVI-STIX EUA submission

-COVI-TRACE EUA submission

-Results from Abivertinib parallel studies in Brazil and USA

-Submission of Abivertinib NDA for non small lung cell carcinoma. Dr. Ji mentioned they are in talks with the FDA for that in the R& D conference.

-STI-1499 phase 1 results [by the end of January].

-Admission into the ACTIV program for accelerated phase 2 trials of STI-1499[January]

-COVI-TRACK supplementation of EUA with next generation Validation data

Forward Looking statements

December Forecast

Looking at the potential forecast, I want to pick the most likely potential catalyst that will be press released this month. First are the IND approvals of STI-2020 and 2099. Those two approvals I am expecting to hit the wire this upcoming week or the next. The next two press releases that I am expecting are the submission of COVI-STIX and COVI-TRACE. Tougher to pin point this release so let's just say the month of december. Keep an eye out for a release of the animal studies pre-print of gene encoded STI-2020 MaBs along with the IND submission. As you saw with STI-2020 and 2099.

Thank you for your support! For continued daily commentary you can follow me on Twitter & Stocktwits.

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