Dr.Robert Hariri Exemplifies Leadership: Bringing Awareness To the Need for Treatments/Therapeutics

Dr. Robert Hariri has been making headlines recently and for good reason. Dr. Hariri is the CEO of Celularity Inc. and a straight shooter that's not afraid to express his views when it comes to best pratices of tackling COVID. If you are not familiar with Dr. Robert Hariri then I suggest you crawl out from underneath your rock a little more often. Dr. Hariri is just the kind of leader we desperately need to win the fight against the deadliest pandemic of of our lifetime.

He has shown great competence and poise over the past several weeks by voluntarily stepping up to the plate and speaking truth to power regarding COVID-19. Dr. Hariri is no stranger to voicing the fact that the so called experts are ignoring the data put out on COVID and that the data has been lacking at times, as he has called for more detail in the epidemiology of COVID and the need for treatments, again and again on his Twitter account.

Luckily for us someone is listening and has finally given him a platform to spread his message. As of late, Dr. Hariri has appeared on Fox New's, Justice with Judge Jeanine to bring awareness to the need for treatments/therapeutics to treat COVID. He so brilliantly spoke of the need to treat patients that are already infected, which a vaccine is not equipped to do. He suggests that by treating patients back to good health that have been infected, that it's possible to instill confidence back into the people that becoming infected isn't a death sentence.

Thus far, Dr. Hariri says that 80% of funding for COVID-19 has gone to companies creating vaccines. Why are therapeutics not being funded the same way vaccines are? This is a question we need answered. This is why Dr. Hariri has exemplified leadership because he has brought awareness against this atrocity. People are dying daily due to a lack of treatments/therapeutics available to treat patients. I thank Dr. Hariri for speaking up and hopefully he has garnered enough attention to rectify the problem. Dr. Hariri is a true leader and great American for giving a voice to voiceless. We need more leaders just like him.

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