Novavax Phase I Study a Success?

Novavax in a recent Phase I study showed that it's vaccine elicited an immune response and was moderately safe. Therefore, the phase I study is definetly a huge success. The study included 131 participants. 106 of the participants were given between one to two doses of the vaccine. 16 of the participants received an adjuvant to help boost the immune response along with the vaccine. 25 of the participants were given a placebo.

The results were relatively positive and gives Novavax a leg up in the race to bring a vaccine to market. In this study, only 5 of the participants displayed severe side effects such as fever, muscle pain, nausea and joint pain. Not bad for a study which included 106 people receiving the actual vaccination.

The company also released data from an animal study which included 12 monkeys receiving vaccination. The monkeys received two doses of the vaccine and was exposed to the virus. Only 1 of the monkeys showed symptoms of Covid-19 infection in the lungs, however 48 hours later there was no longer any signs of the infection.

These results are very encouraging. I believe this study will catapult Novavax as the frontrunner to develop an effective vaccine to fight Covid. The chances of any other vaccines being as effective as this one are slim to none. Remember the Moderna vaccinations had one participant faint after taking the vaccine. Last time I checked that's not a clear indication that their vaccine is safe.

The recent stock price movement is evidence that investors are optimistic about the Novavax vaccine. The stock as been on a tear lately and this big news surrounding the study could potentially send the stock soaring even further. Don't forget Novavax is a part of operation warp speed, which aims to get a vaccine to market by the end of 2020 or early 2021. In the race for a vaccine, Novavax is surely the most likely winner and a huge success story.

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